June 5 World Environment Day, Invest on a green future
June 5 World Environment Day, Invest on a green future

June 5 World Environment Day, Invest on a green future

World Environment Day (WED) is the largest annual event for positive environmental movement and it took place on every 5th of June, with participation from over 143 countries.

It began in 1972; global citizens have formed many thousands of events,

  • to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share,
  • to clean-up their surroundings,
  • to act against wildlife violation,
  • to replanting forests,
  • to invest in a green future,
  • to enjoy its beauty and its importance.

In this year Canada is the host country and got to choose the theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’. This year’s theme invites us to think about how we are part of nature and how closely we depend on it. It challenges us to find enjoyment and exciting ways to experience this vital relationship.

It is a day to mainly focus on the current environmental conditions to make the environment better. This day was organized to promote people to work for environmental issues and become active agents of the sustainable and eco-friendly community worldwide.

The main objectives of this campaign set by the United Nations were to give people a real face of environmental issues and empower them to become active agent’s eco-friendly development all over the world. The goodwill representatives from United Nations Environment Program send messages worldwide to take actions for World Environment Day.

We should involve in the celebration and take a pledge to save our environment for better future. Now we can aggressively plant many trees to decrease our species' harms to the shared earth. Do just one small thing today, the little effort of everyone may change into a big one.

Provide training and awareness programs on rainwater harvesting systems, waste recycles and reuse processes, e-waste management, wildlife conservation, renewable energy devices, debates on rising global warming, biodegradable wastes, awareness drives about “go green” revolution, etc for eco-friendly infrastructure and energy efficiency to curb global warming and save natural resources.

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