WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service, is giving its users another attracting feature: live location sharing. The new WhatsApp feature is as yet taking off to clients, so you won't have it on your phone yet, but rather it's coming soon, and here is everything that you have to know about the new live location sharing feature.

WhatsApp as of now enables you to share your location, however, that is just your present location, as a single time sharing. With live location sharing, the location is dynamic and updates in real time, even after you leave the WhatsApp application. You can share your location to someone else, to tell a relative where you are on your drive home, or to a gathering visit, so your companions can perceive how far away you are from a gathering.

How long can I share my location?

This feature is completely opt-in and is temporary, sharing location for between 15 minutes, 60 minutes, and 8 hours, depending on what you select. At different times, WhatsApp does not share your location with others. You can likewise manually quit sharing location information within a chat whenever you want.

When will you get WhatsApp live location sharing?

The feature has already launched, yet it's still during the time spent rolling out to all users, on both Android and iOS. To check in the event that you have this feature, open any chat - either a group chat or a private chat - and tap the attach button. In the event that you don't have this option, the feature isn't accessible for you yet.

How can I view my friends’ location?

You can view the location of users sharing their live location with you in a map view, and you'll see the names of the clients alongside a timestamp to demonstrate the freshness of that information.

In groups, you'll have the capacity to see all clients sharing their location to the group in the group information view, which sounds exceptionally valuable in case you're trying to coordinate many individuals. And obviously, any of those individuals can quit sharing their location anytime.

How does it help WhatsApp against the competitors?

Telegram has a very similar feature, while Facebook Messenger gives you a chance to share real-time location information for one-hour sessions. Other chat applications like iMessage likewise let you share location information.

Google Maps likewise as of recently launched a comparable feature for real-time location sharing. It makes them interest features, for example, letting you share an outing, so instead of sharing your location for a settled measure of time, you can decide to just share a specific adventure, however, you likewise have the option of sharing your location for a settled measure of time. So this new feature will help WhatsApp to compete with other messaging services.

How it affects battery life?

Live location sharing doesn't influence your battery life much, WhatsApp says. There are distinctive methods used to talk battery life, including when you last shared your location, regardless of whether somebody at the opposite side of the chat is really looking at the map and your present battery level.

How secure is it?

The location is secured in the same way as other WhatsApp messages - it's end to end encrypted, and the only person ready to see your location are the ones you have opted to share your live location with.

How it works:

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app and go to the chat window of the person you wish to share your live location.

Step 2: Tap on the attach button and select the  'Location' option

Step 3: Enable GPS settings on your phone

Step 4: Now, there will a map on the top half of the screen, while the second half will show 'Share live location option'.

Step 5: Tap on Share live location option

Step 6: You can set the time also. This is for how long you want to share your location with your selected contact or group. The minimum time is 15 min.

Step 7: There's also a 'Stop sharing' option. With this, you can stop live location sharing whenever you want.

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