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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development IONIC Course

we take you through the advantages of mobile apps and will cover the basics and advanced concepts and technologies.

How to accomplish all your Ionic needs?-How does it works?-Our course Mobile App Development Ionic course has been designed for our students to accomplish all your Ionic needs. How does an Ionic framework help in coding?-Our course teach our students to learn about the Ionic and how does it helps in coding. We have designed our course for both the beginners and the advanced students and thus we take you through the advantages of mobile apps and will cover the basics and advanced concepts and technologies. Our course will make our students so simple to deal with the complexities of technologies to create an application. Participants of our course will be going through the advanced aspects of mobile app technologies. For learning the course the eligibility criteria that our students should have is graduates (10 + 2 + 3) in any discipline from a recognised University/ Institute with minimum 50% aggregate marks. This course will help you to build Native iOS and Android Apps with Angular, Cordova and the Ionic Framework. Within the duration of 4 + 2 months our students will master in dealing with the advanced mobile app technologies.

Our participants will learn everything about they need to know with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. All PHP Fundamentals and building blocks with practical implementation in projects and learned to build applications using Laravel. They are taught to create RESTful API by using Laravel Framework with JWT authorization system. Students are not only introduced to TypeScript but also they develop a modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular. They will master how to test iOS and Android apps on real devices and publish those apps to the app stores of the two platforms. They are capable of understanding everything about the architecture behind an Angular application and how to use it. Learners will learn to develop a good-looking, modern and real world usable mobile applications with Ionic. They will know how to write one code base for Android, iOS and Browser. Our course will help you to establish yourself in the field of the exciting mobile app development environment. Also our students will dive deeper into Ionic to learn more about very advanced features and optimize their apps.

Our learners work with the experts in the industry and they get a chance to learn from them. Mutual concern of this course is what time demand is offered. The participants can work on Industry-specific use cases and Real projects. Course looks forward for the Professional standards in both infrastructures and trainers. Participants will be updated technologically even after the completion of the course. Our course supports and develop the Soft skills and 100 percent placement assistance is offered for trainees which gives you better job opportunities. The most modern facilities and high- tech classrooms are provided for the participants which is fully practical classroom. The Academic certification offered by this course opens you the door to the modern industrial world. Your work with the experienced persons will help you to build more skills and makes you confident in the field of mobile app development technologies.

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